Conquest for Death – Many Nations, One Underground video

Many Nations, One Underground promo for upcoming Conquest for Death album and tours.

Edited by Alex with footage from Australpacific, Asian, African/Indian Ocean and US tours. CFD are Alex, Craig, Dave, Devon, Keisuke, Kiku, Max, Robert and Zak. Karoline is our roadie.

Lyrics: “Cleanse the Bacteria” / strive for “Peace” / “A Network of Friends” / for a united scene / hardcore hearts / and metal blood / working together / with a strengthened pulse / the biggest cities / the smallest towns / dig and you’ll find / the underground / Many Nations, One Underground / foreign cultures / different tongues / but we play it loud (WE PLAY IT LOUD!) / and are all one (WE’RE ALL ONE!)

Video edited by Alex for Monkey King Records Special photo thanks to Karoline Collins, Rafael Yaekashi, the cool guy in Penang.

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